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Conspiracy of Turds: Patrick Frey, Aaron Worthing, Mandy Nagy, Andrew Breitbart & Seth Allen

Following up on the Seth Allen cyberstalking case I wanted to clarify the link or the conspiracy between the parties involved in an earlier story about Brett Kimberlin that was written by Mandy Nagy. What I want to show here is how this story was sourced, how it was written, who sourced the story, and possibly why the story was produced. It starts here at the campaign that was launched by the good folks at Velvet Revolution.

Andrew Breitbart, a right wing extremist media mogul, got pretty upset at this campaign to have him indicted or investigated for his involvement in the James O'Keefe smear campaigns launched against ACORN and a number of other left leaning organizations. The good folks at Velvet Revolution decided enough was enough and launched the campaign to have him called on the carpet for his support of James O'Keefe. Once this campaign was launched, Breitbart went into attack mode to find information on those who launched it, and then launched a search and destroy mission against them.

Lowly blogger/cyberstalker from hell Seth Allen had been on a one man war against Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin for several years running. He started looking for enemies of Friedman and Kimberlin, and happened upon the campaign website. It was at this juncture that he decided to contact Andrew Breitbart and offer him the dirt he claimed to have dug up on Brad Friedman and his partner Brett Kimberlin.

In early October of 2010 this tweet was made from Andrew Breitbart and followed up with a re-tweet from John Patrick Frey, the Assistant District Attorney in Los Angeles, who runs the infamous right wing extremist rag/blog website.

So the story that was just about to be launched came in a series of tweets that showed that the story was to be about bombs or bombing, and it was aimed at Brad Friedman, and was to be about his partner Brett Kimberlin of Velvet Revolution.

But who had sourced them? Why Seth Allen the infamous cyberstalker did of course. As we have seen earlier Seth Allen became enraged because Brad Friedman wouldn't hire him to write for him. So, Seth Allen took disgruntled ex-employee to a new extreme.  In the following comments from Seth Allen's blog we can see the nexus of the conspiracy between the parties in a series of comments from Seth Allen using his Socrates nickname.

First he comments on October 10, 2010 about his involvement with the coming story that he was blogging about at the time.

Then he goes on to the smoking gun comment showing the conspirators that were involved, one of which is Patrick Frey the Assistant Los Angeles District Attorney from

Seth Allen then goes on to explain why he has persisted in libeling and defamatory conduct against Brett Kimberlin.

Seth Allen then continues his rants against Brad Friedman and their investigation into the right wing smear campaign launched by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce against Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin.

Seth Allen says maybe elections have been rigged, and perhaps the Chamber of Commerce and Andrew Breitbart are indeed bad news, but to heck with investigating such stories. The real story is Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin according to Seth Allen, and not how elections are stolen or the evil deeds the right wing has committed in the name of liberty justice and whatever else they espouse. Yes, those investigations mean nothing to Seth Allen. All that matters to Seth Allen is the destruction of Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin, people who I might add Seth Allen wanted to work for earlier in his life.

Seth Allen then goes on to say that Andrew Breitbart doesn't even deserve credit for the story he gave them.

Seth Allen then rambles on a bit about his usual shtick against the left wing media and then goes on to say that his new found friend is now Patrick Frey of

So it was in fact Patrick Frey from who gave Seth Allen his ear and his respect. Imagine that, a Los Angeles Assistant District Attorney giving his respect to this cyberstalker character:

Yes, a wig wearing high eyebrow plucking toothless stalker is now the new friend of the Los Angeles District Attorney's office. But I digress.

Seth Allen then goes on to say that Mandy Nagy aka Liberty_Chick, who did the final smear on Kimberlin shouldn't get any credit either. Patrick Frey noticed him, but Mandy Nagy didn't?

Yes Seth, Mandy Nagy aka Liberty Chick is a cutout. She can't be seen to be writing her story based on your investigation, even though that is exactly what she did. You see, the right wing extremists you went to bed with in order to get your revenge against your ex-employers needed to distance themselves from you in order to be credible. Yes they took your story and ran with it. But in order to look credible, because you certainly are not credible, they needed to keep their distance from you in order to make your story look like they did it themselves and not the other way around, which is using your discredited work as the basis for the story. But since you are a naive little stalker man/child we will let that one go for now.

Seth Allen continues to stick his foot into his own mouth when he continues to complain that his name in this story is not up in lights.

Of course he reiterates that same old tired spiel that Brad Friedman gave his name away to what he refers to is his stalker, which is Lou Aubuchont, detailed in an earlier story here at this blog. We all know that Seth Allen had a penchant for telling people his name. In his own words he didn't even care. But somehow this is used as the basis for his continued attacks against Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin.

Seth Allen then goes on to complain about being sued by Brett Kimberlin, and how he would approach the lawsuit. He wants the right wing to pay for his defense for the story he gave them. And he goes on to say that he intends to fight back with all his might. Yet, he failed to show up for most court hearings, and ended up losing his case because of it. Not only that, he later goes on to attack his own benefactor Patrick Frey for not supposedly giving him the money to attend court.

Click To Enlarge

Seth Allen then goes onto claim victory against his ex-employers.

Seth Allen continues to claim he had quite a bit of information to give to Patrick Frey.

Yes, truth is more important. That is why we have this fact check blog here at Just Call Me Lefty.

Seth then goes on to say that the right wing didn't have this information about Brett Kimberlin or Brad Friedman. So in fact it was Seth Allen's stalking stories that got the right wing extremists interest.

Seth then goes on to say what he gave them.

Seth was sure busy with his new right wing extremist pals.

On or about October 10 2010 Seth Allen commented about the story itself.

Yes, he was kissing his own stalking hand in the mirror, salivating at his prey's up and coming demise. A stalkers wet dream of course is to be heard, and to have others carry that message forward.

Now, let's get to the gist of all of this shall we? Why would Seth Allen take his revenge for years on end?

Fame, fortune and greed...

You see Seth Allen has not been employed, nor has he been employable for 10 years running. This is his way of getting employment. He has tried many times to get a writing position with many organizations, but has always failed the due diligence test. Long ago he tried to get a job with David Horowitz, but that turned into a nightmare for Horowitz after Seth was turned down. Seth then took his website into a new direction and tried in vain to destroy it. This is documented fact. And, it is documented that stalkers such as Seth Allen will go to extreme lengths to destroy those that won't listen to them, or believe in them, or even hire them when they seek employment. Seth Allen's documented stalking activities have been legendary on the internet, and anyone who wishes to look them up or do their due diligence can find these activities that he has been accused of time and again. The only ones who don't seem to care are Assistant District Attorney for Los Angeles Patrick Frey from, Andrew Breitbart, Mandy Nagy - Breitbart's main squeeze, and Aaron Worthing, a fake Attorney who writes for Patrick Frey at

Seth Allen goes on to post the night before the October 11 2010 story was to come out at  saying how he doesn't believe that the story will gain much traction on the left. This shows that he was fully aware of the story arc and the soon to be posted version of that story. I highly doubt that any journalist would just clue in Seth Allen to a story they were working on or its publication dates or even what it was going to be about if they were not being used directly as the main source for this story.

Then a shocking revelation came to Seth Allen by way of Patrick Frey. He thought BigJournalism was Patrick Frey's way of saying the mainstream media, and not some dumb right wing extremist blog as

Poor Seth Allen. He didn't know what he was dealing with after all.

Seth Allen then notes the date and time of when the story would finally be done and ready for publication. He denotes that story is probably going to only be the poor mans version of what he gave them and had been working on for years while cyberstalking his prey.

Seth Allen then goes on to talk about Patrick Frey doing his own story on Brett Kimberlin and Brad Friedman after the BigJournalism story came out.

So Assistant District Attorney John Patrick Frey from has now decided to continue to write about Brett Kimberlin. And note the date this was posted. October 10, 2010. This means that Patrick Frey had decided even before the story had come out that he was going to take up the cyberstalking that Seth Allen had been doing for years on Brett Kimberlin and Brad Friedman. And I ask, how is it possible for a Assistant District Attorney to decide to take up the mantle of writing about Brett Kimberlin before there was even a story about Brett Kimberlin on Breitbart's website? This looks to me like Patrick Frey and Seth Allen, a known cyberstalker, have taken up arms to cyberstalk Brett Kimberlin and those on the left they do not like. Please make a note here, there is a STAT Team in Los Angeles California. STAT stands for Stalking and Threat Assessment Team. I think Patrick Frey deserves an investigation by this unit. I hope that others involved in this stalking behavior will be reported to STAT by those who are being stalked.

But on to the final Seth Allen comments.

Aaron Worthing, an oft quoted and printed name on the internet purports himself to be an attorney practicing law in Washington D.C. Of course that isn't his name, because there are no practicing, or even retired attorneys with that name in Washington D.C. Nor are there, nor has there ever been, a practicing attorney with that name anywhere in the United States. So he is basically a liar. Of course this is part and parcel of what you get when you visit or any Breitbart associated website. You get liars being passed off as truth tellers. Yes, we are meant to believe that Aaron Worthing is real, and in fact is an attorney. But upon closer examination this is easily seen to be a fabrication. Anyway, he follows up on Seth Allen's blog on October 11, 2010 with a comment to Seth Allen.

Yes, the conspirators and the nexus of their conspiracy pops up in this next comment by Patrick Frey on Seth Allen's blog showing just how they love Seth Allen for his helping them.

There you have it folks. The nexus of the conspirators - turds one and all.


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Seth Allen, Socrates: Cyberstalker

Case history of a Cyberstalker. Seth Allen aka Socrates known Cyberstalker, cyber bully. This article will attempt to pull together the case files of Seth Allen, aka Socrates, and will also show how a Cyberstalker such as Seth Allen operates.

Starting in 2007 Seth Allen showed up at the forums of Chemtrail Central as Jeff Reynolds and a number of other nicknames. There is enough evidence that his Jeff Reynolds character at Chemtrail Central operated on that forum to destroy that community. He came on as a Chemtrail expert and quickly got into a debate with his arch nemesis "Lou Aubuchont" which resulted in Lou leaving Chemtrail Central after deleting all of his posts. Seth Allen who went under the nickname Jeff Reynolds and FUIwon'tDoWhatUTellMe and a few other nicks at the time, totally destroyed the Chemtrails community with his divide and conquer strategy. He was eventually banned as a stalker after Halva and a number of other personalities on that forum started digging into his half baked lies and bullshit. Another nickname called Tracker even devoted a huge amount of resources in trying to identify Seth Allen as the one and only Jeff/Jay Reynolds. Of course at the time they had very little to go on, and short of identifying him, they banned him for being a cyberstalker. There are enough articles based on this, and even Seth Allen devotes plenty of space for it at his AllAircraftarenotinvolved website. This post from Seth Allen's other nickname FUIwon'tDoWhatUTellMe at Chemtrail Central:

"Aubuchont" is cointelpro. He is "fifth column." He is a liar and a fraud. He has admitted to being part of "Naval Intelligence." He has made thread after thread about "Jay Reynolds." He is a multiple id poster. Look up "Tracker" at this website. "Tracker" ends up on "Lou's" computer? This is a joke. No one with an ounce of common sense believes any of this. "Lou" also showed up at DebateBothSides as "J.Vitum" and pulled off the same type of crap.
"Jay Reynolds" is a joke also. He has spent years on these forums devoting so much time to what he considers a crazy hoax. The key to all this is that "Lou" and "Reynolds" end up cancelling each other out. It is fact that aircraft emissions are creating major fake overcasts. The goal of this astroturfing is to have people eventually see chemtrails as being contrails. "Thermit" himself has said that most of what people are seeing are contrails.
There is widescale weather modification going on in this country and throughout most of the world. Even China has just said that there will be no rain at the summer olympics, that they have that covered.
Newbies, and those on the fence, do not fall for the fake script. They are working on many levels. They give those on the fence the excuse to think this is a crazy hoax. For those who realize that chemtrails are real, they are leading such people to believe there is some kind of population culling program in effect. Or they bring out the orgone nonsense or talk about chemtrails as mind control.
Chemtrails has all to do with FrankenScientists thinking we can engineer ourselves out of climate change without having to change the fundamental structure of the world's economies. These insidious fakes like "Aubuchont" are simple here to muddy the waters. They want anyone real to simply go away. Those who stay, who are willing to not critique the crazy posts, they become the useful idiots.
If anyone wants to figure out about this crazy script, it can be done. But that's the problem. While folks are running around figuring out that Aubuchont and Jay Reynolds are on the same team, authentic chemtrail truths are left hidden. As long as nutjobs like Aubuchont and the rest dominate these major chemtrail boards, authentic freedoms of speech and association are being stifled.
Here's one post I made on this topic. There is other info at this website on the astroturfing, but to be honest, I would rather have the focus be on the chemtrails themselves. For example, how is the NOAA involved in all this? Where are the records for all the weather modification. Were those bills that failed to pass last year, were those attempts to legalise what we already know is going on.
Just say no to these crazy websites. There is no way to overcome the sheer number of fake usernames. Anyone who is real who wishes to help get to the bottom of the chemtrails is invited to this new forum where frauds like "Aubuchont" and "Jay Reynolds" are not allowed. 

On another website that Seth Allen frequents as Socrates there was even more discussion about his past activities as a cyberstalker. And still more evidence of his stalking activities exists over at the original website DaveFromQueens which is a site he attempts to copy at his Davefromqueens2 website. On the orginal DaveFromQueens site he is accused by a number of people of stalking them, of which he even addresses in this comment:

MeSoc says she is going to the FBI for myself. She called me a stalker for posting some of her Huffington stuff and a clip from a video she did many years ago. Stalking would be if I went back to her website after she perma-banned me. Stalking would be if I figured out her phone # or email and harrassed her. I'm not scared either. She's a public figure. It's not my fault she has been busted sticking up for the rich and Fox News, that she is an atheist, that she has posted very lewd comments.  
He seems to play this public figure angle very well as this gives him the opening he needs to stalk people claiming they are public figures, hence they can be written about for as long as possible by him. In another comment he goes on about another nemesis Brett Kimberlin showing here how he is also stalking him as well.

One of my biggest defenses, imho, is the number of sock puppets and other usernames trying to scare me off of the blogosphere. A lot of them have the modus operandi of CometMan. I have gotten a lot of those. Hemlock. Larisa Alexandrovna. Brett Kimberlin. Greenwood. Standing Watch. DeeDogg. Now there's a new one called the Dept. of Justice. Good call, Senor DonkeyTale. When you're right, you're wright.
Note the year of 2009 when these posts were written. In the end it doesn't matter who the person is he targets, as long as that person is a public figure to him that person is fair game to stalk, harass or defame.

Long ago on Brad Blog where he tried to get a job writing for Brad Friedman, he started telling people that the reason he went after Brad Friedman was that Brad gave his real name out to his arch nemesis at the time, Lou Aubuchont. This wasn't the case of course as you can now see below. The reality, which he refuses to disclose to the general public that reads him, was that he was not hired because he wanted to write about Neo Nazi Cyberstalkers who had come after him, and Weather Modification stories which he attempted to use as a way to discredit the Chemtrail Central website which Brad was not really into writing about. So when he was not hired by Brad Blog he set about going after Brad Friedman and his business partner Brett Kimberlin with a vengeance which has continued to this day. As you can see in this image copy of a post he made to another individual you can quickly see what the reason was for his going after Brad Friedman: Just click to enlarge the image:

Click Image To Enlarge
Of course as we see here in his own comment on DaveFromQueens Seth Allen was in the habit of telling people his real name.

I've written a new post on this at pffugeecamp. I'm not too sure about wanting to post there, because the admin Laura is allowing sock puppets to run rampant. So I am basically here, at my humble forum, and perhaps I will revitalize the davefromqueens2 blogspot. I have been in email exchange with Dave's sister. I told her my real name and a bit about myself. I have nothing to hide. The only reason I am staying anonymous at this point is for personal safety, and for the simple reason that my real name means nothing. There is not one iota of anything on the internet about me except for my blogging.
Another issue that Seth Allen has is his ability to play the victim card quite well. He always claims he is being stalked or cybersmeared. This is a classic stalk the target and then come back with the stalker is the victim strategy.

I do not appreciate the cybersmear script that has been used against me over the years. I have proof of such a thing. That is why I have asked donkeytale to not refer to me as sock rat. I only called him the "historic troll" after he had called me that. As for myself going after anyone else such as MSOC, Steven Hertzberg, Michael Fingerit, Larisa Alexandrovna and others, there has been nothing malicious about it. They went after me first. I then went into cybersleuth mode.
This is how cyberstalkers operate. They claim they are the victim after stalking people. They claim that when their victims come back and accuse them of stalking that it is the other way around, that it is in fact the stalker who is being stalked and smeared. From the Wiki on Cyberstalking:

False accusations. Many cyberstalkers try to damage the reputation of their victim and turn other people against them. They post false information about them on websites. They may set up their own websites, blogs or user pages for this purpose. They post allegations about the victim to newsgroups, chat rooms or other sites that allow public contributions, such as Wikipedia or[5]

Attempts to gather information about the victim. Cyberstalkers may approach their victim's friends, family and work colleagues to obtain personal information. They may advertise for information on the Internet, or hire a private detective. They often will monitor the victim's online activities and attempt to trace their IP address in an effort to gather more information about their victims. [6]

Encouraging others to harass the victim. Many cyberstalkers try to involve third parties in the harassment. They may claim the victim has harmed the stalker or his/her family in some way, or may post the victim's name and telephone number in order to encourage others to join the pursuit.

False victimization. The cyberstalker will claim that the victim is harassing him/her. Bocij writes that this phenomenon has been noted in a number of well-known cases.

If Seth was truly afraid of being smeared or stalked he would have given up long ago and moved onto other pursuits as most of his victims have done. But no, in a classic case of stalking, Seth Allen continues to find victims to stalk. He has nothing left to do. He hasn't had a job since 2001, and lives off a small trust his mother left him when she died. The rest of his money comes from a 200.00 dollar a month food stamp budget, so he has all the time he needs to spend his days finding new targets to stalk and or harass without fear of losing his income stream or the need to find a job. He has operated anonymously for a decade, and until he was sued by one of his targets and identified he was totally anonymous in his activities. He claims that he has a degree in Education, and in fact he did graduate with a Master in Education in 1999. But since he was fired from his teaching job in 2001 he has failed to even attempt to get a job since then, preferring instead to just live off the government tit and stalk people endlessly on the internet.

Another tactic he uses is claiming his free speech rights are being violated on the internet. This is another classic stalking tactic whereby he stalks a target until he gets blow back from that target, and then goes off to claim his free speech rights are being violated when they complain about his activities. No, it isn't free speech in most cases, its stalking. But Seth doesn't distinguish between the two. Stalking is a free speech issue to him. And until someone does something to make him stop, such as putting him in jail, he will continue it. And then when hauled off to jail in handcuffs he will scream like a bitch begging someone to call the Washington Post because he is being hauled off to jail for stalking people.

My blogging days are winding down from what they were in the past. It is disappointing that freedom of speech and association is being perverted on the net. While I will never be as prolific again, I do promise to never give up. I am no quitter.
Of course when his stalking is recognized he is usually banned from those communities where he is easily seen to be what he is, which is a Cyberstalker.

I'm getting a bad feeling about pffugee camp. It's like Laura is only upset with Jack for banning us for no good reason. It's like she came to the rescue in deja vu style like Jack did after Peeder closed shop. I'm not looking for places where I have the right to be trolled on. That's what upset me so much about MLW. MSOC didn't put a stop to multiple numbers of posters attacking me ad hominem style. Then she eventually started calling me bad names. When I returned the offer, she banned me. So MSOC appears to be all about giving folks the right to take a verbal beating or comply Animal House style, "Thank you sir, may I have another."
Seth Allen will then start attacking those who banned him until they scream for mercy. He will dig into every aspect of their lives and post scurrilous allegations about them. He continues to stalk people using Google as his big shotgun. He knows that Google regularly indexes his site, and he knows how Google uses Meta Keywords to define how an article is placed on Google. And so he will use meta words like "Incestuous Relationships" to define a particular story line which will usually grab the sick and twisted people to read the post looking for what was incestuous about the person he is writing about. He is one slick character for sure. He even plays the insane card very well in front of judges who routinely think he is insane and can't really be held to account for his actions because he is autistic or suffers from Aspergers. As one can easily see from his latest court room antics he plays the "lost my train of thought" card very well. However if one studies his posts you can clearly see he has no real trouble maintaining his thought processes.

I'm probably just gonna post here and at my humble place. If I post at pffugee camp, it will be very rarely. The thing about posting at FSZ for me was I tended to just stay on a few threads anyway, because I don't like running around trying to remember where the dialogue is I have been involved with. I like this forum and am trying to make appropriate posts in regards to what Antoinette is coming up with. You have also. I guess if we can post like that once in a while, she will see that the meta stuff we are on about is related to what Dave was into.

Yes, Meta Words are indeed powerful Seth, and you use them to good effect. But you can only get away with it for so long before you are found out. And here at this blog we will concentrate on you as you have concentrated on others. We will look at every aspect of your stalking life and detail it here for all to see. Soon enough when people see "The Real Seth Allen" they will know just what they are dealing with and leave you in the dust bin of history where you belong.


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Seth Allen, Socrates: Internet Tough Guy

In a follow up to a great post by Internet Sleuth Ron Brynaert, I wanted to dig a bit deeper into the character that represents one of the most foul smelling snakes that has existed on the intertubes. That person is Socrates or Seth L. Allen as he is now known by. I won't go into details here about the who what where when or why, because that has already been done to death. And the post by Ron Brynaert pretty much closes the chapter on all of those questions anyway. This post is really about highlighting a court case that was brought by Brett Kimberlin against Seth Allen for defamation, cyber-stalking, criminal harassment and a host of other charges.

Seth Allen has spent the last 10 years of his life online in darkened rooms in ghetto locations typing away his thoughts for all to see on the internet. He has for all intents and purposes destroyed many blogs, forums and other online communities. So many in fact that it boggles the mind on how he was able to go on for so long without anyone knowing the man behind his internet shtick/nick Socrates. Suffice it to say he was sued by someone he spent the better part of two years or more stalking. That case finally concluded. But not without much fanfare either. It has after all been the subject of intense debate on various forums and blogs on the internet.

Socrates/Seth Allen has spent these long years online pretending to be a left wing pundit calling out so called fake left wingers and highlighting their so called buffoonery. He has claimed he is the only true lefty out in the world, while the rest of those he attacks or targets are in fact fakes or hoaxes, or people who are sent by unseen powers to troll the internet spewing left wing platitudes while raking in followers and money to boot.

For years this unseen force has taken down chem-trail communities, debunked or attempted to debunk left wing blogs such as Daily Kos, Democratic Underground and a variety of other lesser known communities on the net. He uses a variety of tools at his disposal such as divide and conquer, multiple nicknames to foment dissension between parties involved in a discussion, and other like minded operations to destroy people or their communities. He has for all intents and purposes been an internet tough guy. A guy so tough that many have run for the hills when approached or targeted by him.

Recently he moved to the right wing extremist blog of and the staff at Andrew Breitbart's website. There he finally found a home among the other internet tough guys who spend every hour available spewing hate and invective throughout the internet. A more fitting place for a so called lefty I cannot imagine. But on to why we are here.

He just finished his court case in Judge Jordan's court in Maryland District Court a few days ago and lost big time. However his spin is that he won big time. And won because the verdict was 100.00 dollars plus court costs and a permanent injunction barring him from talking about the plaintiff forever and a day. But that didn't stop him from running home and opening up his dark room and spewing forth to his right wing extremist buddies how he won the day in court and how he made the Plaintiff pay. Not only that, he claims he was almost like Perry Mason in his legal moves in court against the plaintiff.

So, it took a bit of doing, but the courtroom audio has finally arrived, and I have now set about trying to determine who the real Seth Allen was. And did he in fact come off like Perry Mason, or was he like most liars, just blustering? Well, here are some of the excerpts from that courtroom drama. Of course its long and tedious, but if you are truly interested in the long versions, just drop us a comment here at this blog and we will see about sending you the full audio. For now we have excerpts of his Perry Mason skills in court.

Someone Get Me The Washington Post!!!!

That is how his first hearing started. Here was Socrates in all his glory whining like a small child for someone to get the Washington Post to help him after being arrested in court for an outstanding criminal harassment charge that was later dismissed. The case of course hinged on his murder threat to the plaintiff. And since in Maryland one must have sent a death threat to the actual person, Seth Allen skated on this by sending the death threat to a third party, one Mandy Nagy, who has been using Seth Allen as a source for news articles she has written on the plaintiff. So the case was dismissed the next day because of that one small detail. But Seth Allen claimed to everyone that it was in fact a bogus case. Below is the email sent to Mandy Nagy, you be the judge of how threatening it actually is.

From: Truth Seeker
Date: Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 7:24 AM
Subject: Re: Making progress - urgent request
To: Aaron Worthing
Cc: Liberty Chick , Andrew Breitbart ,
Hi Aaron, thanks for the response. I think the default judgement is just for the preliminary injunction of deleting my blog. I am going to file motions myself. I will try to make it down to the next court session. But this is bogus. I need to know who this sherriff is. The record is in that courthouse, not at the website you mention. Brett Kimberlin is lying. That sounds like perjury and I want his parole officers to find out if he has yet again perjured himself. And all this time Breitbart just stands on the sidelines as if I don't even exist. I'll get this done myself if possible. I need to know that sherriff's name. I'm no lawyer, but you can't make claims in court that are lies. That means Kimberlin should go back to jail if that's true. Whatever, maybe I should murder him. Maybe that will finally get me some justice. This life sucks anyway. All anyone cares about is themselves and their own money. Freedom of speech is dead in America. Thanks for nothing Breitbart.
Of course Mandy Nagy then ratted Seth Allen out to the Police (these right wingers always eat their own) and after this event the plaintiff filed criminal harassment charges against Seth Allen which resulted in a quick criminal charge against him until a prosecutor could look it over. In the end they had to dismiss it because Maryland law states that a threat must be communicated to the individual and not to a third party. Score +1 for Seth Allen getting out of that case. But according to him and his buddies in the right wing it was all bullshit and not worth anyone's time.

So as we see in the above audio, Seth Allen, Internet Tough Guy, screams like a whiny bitch when he is finally confronted with the facts that stalking people on the internet does in fact have consequences. And some of them can be pretty severe if taken too far.

Seth Allen has recently written on his blog that he is waiting for courtroom audio so he can pull an Andrew Breitbart cut and paste job on the audio showing him winning the case against the plaintiff. In fact I have listened to every portion of this audio (I have to upload it ya know lol) and all I can say is this: its a slog to get through it all. And mainly because Seth Allen is grating to listen to. Matter of fact after hours of listening to him ramble on in incoherent sentences acting as if he is insane in court, it gets very grating to continue it. So what I have had to do is just pick out highlights of the audio to post here. Then I have to make a video of it just so I can upload it to YouTube. Not fun at all.

Some highlights. Seth Allen offers to go to work for the police constable that served him.  He constantly interrupts the judge with rambling discussions about him being some sort of teacher with a degree mind you. It's just amazing blabbering and blubbering and incoherent speech that goes on and on until you want to take an ice pick and jab it through your brain to save you from the pain and suffering of listening to it all.

"I'm the true Lefty" Seth says. Here is a compilation of the great Seth Allen, now aka Perry Mason and his legal skills in Judge Jordan's courtroom. A few quotes, "I don't have a clue." "Do I need to wait to get a chance to speak?" "I'm just intimidated by you." "Yell at me I'll take it." "I don't need any trouble here, I'm the free speech dude." "I'm the true lefty." "I don't mind losing by default, those things don't mean nothing." "I'm sorry, I'll shut up."

Yes, a true Perry Mason indeed.

What a loon. And this is just the first court hearing. There is more I tell you, much more. And I hate to even listen to it again or even upload it. But in the interest of justice I will have to upload it all. That way you can see through the lies and bullshit that Seth Allen is spewing. So next post will detail the history of Seth Allen and I will post the final court hearing where you can hear more of the same above. And the hope is that those who are interested in this lunatic can finally see just what an idiot this guy is. Not to mention being able to once and for all see what kind of person has stalked them to the ends of the earth for the last 10 years.

Hat tip goes to Brett Kimberlin for slogging through the jungles to find out who this anonymous poser was, and for finally ridding the intertubes of this idiot and exposing him for all to see.