Monday, November 28, 2011

Conspiracy of Turds: Patrick Frey, Aaron Worthing, Mandy Nagy, Andrew Breitbart & Seth Allen

Following up on the Seth Allen cyberstalking case I wanted to clarify the link or the conspiracy between the parties involved in an earlier story about Brett Kimberlin that was written by Mandy Nagy. What I want to show here is how this story was sourced, how it was written, who sourced the story, and possibly why the story was produced. It starts here at the campaign that was launched by the good folks at Velvet Revolution.

Andrew Breitbart, a right wing extremist media mogul, got pretty upset at this campaign to have him indicted or investigated for his involvement in the James O'Keefe smear campaigns launched against ACORN and a number of other left leaning organizations. The good folks at Velvet Revolution decided enough was enough and launched the campaign to have him called on the carpet for his support of James O'Keefe. Once this campaign was launched, Breitbart went into attack mode to find information on those who launched it, and then launched a search and destroy mission against them.

Lowly blogger/cyberstalker from hell Seth Allen had been on a one man war against Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin for several years running. He started looking for enemies of Friedman and Kimberlin, and happened upon the campaign website. It was at this juncture that he decided to contact Andrew Breitbart and offer him the dirt he claimed to have dug up on Brad Friedman and his partner Brett Kimberlin.

In early October of 2010 this tweet was made from Andrew Breitbart and followed up with a re-tweet from John Patrick Frey, the Assistant District Attorney in Los Angeles, who runs the infamous right wing extremist rag/blog website.

So the story that was just about to be launched came in a series of tweets that showed that the story was to be about bombs or bombing, and it was aimed at Brad Friedman, and was to be about his partner Brett Kimberlin of Velvet Revolution.

But who had sourced them? Why Seth Allen the infamous cyberstalker did of course. As we have seen earlier Seth Allen became enraged because Brad Friedman wouldn't hire him to write for him. So, Seth Allen took disgruntled ex-employee to a new extreme.  In the following comments from Seth Allen's blog we can see the nexus of the conspiracy between the parties in a series of comments from Seth Allen using his Socrates nickname.

First he comments on October 10, 2010 about his involvement with the coming story that he was blogging about at the time.

Then he goes on to the smoking gun comment showing the conspirators that were involved, one of which is Patrick Frey the Assistant Los Angeles District Attorney from

Seth Allen then goes on to explain why he has persisted in libeling and defamatory conduct against Brett Kimberlin.

Seth Allen then continues his rants against Brad Friedman and their investigation into the right wing smear campaign launched by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce against Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin.

Seth Allen says maybe elections have been rigged, and perhaps the Chamber of Commerce and Andrew Breitbart are indeed bad news, but to heck with investigating such stories. The real story is Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin according to Seth Allen, and not how elections are stolen or the evil deeds the right wing has committed in the name of liberty justice and whatever else they espouse. Yes, those investigations mean nothing to Seth Allen. All that matters to Seth Allen is the destruction of Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin, people who I might add Seth Allen wanted to work for earlier in his life.

Seth Allen then goes on to say that Andrew Breitbart doesn't even deserve credit for the story he gave them.

Seth Allen then rambles on a bit about his usual shtick against the left wing media and then goes on to say that his new found friend is now Patrick Frey of

So it was in fact Patrick Frey from who gave Seth Allen his ear and his respect. Imagine that, a Los Angeles Assistant District Attorney giving his respect to this cyberstalker character:

Yes, a wig wearing high eyebrow plucking toothless stalker is now the new friend of the Los Angeles District Attorney's office. But I digress.

Seth Allen then goes on to say that Mandy Nagy aka Liberty_Chick, who did the final smear on Kimberlin shouldn't get any credit either. Patrick Frey noticed him, but Mandy Nagy didn't?

Yes Seth, Mandy Nagy aka Liberty Chick is a cutout. She can't be seen to be writing her story based on your investigation, even though that is exactly what she did. You see, the right wing extremists you went to bed with in order to get your revenge against your ex-employers needed to distance themselves from you in order to be credible. Yes they took your story and ran with it. But in order to look credible, because you certainly are not credible, they needed to keep their distance from you in order to make your story look like they did it themselves and not the other way around, which is using your discredited work as the basis for the story. But since you are a naive little stalker man/child we will let that one go for now.

Seth Allen continues to stick his foot into his own mouth when he continues to complain that his name in this story is not up in lights.

Of course he reiterates that same old tired spiel that Brad Friedman gave his name away to what he refers to is his stalker, which is Lou Aubuchont, detailed in an earlier story here at this blog. We all know that Seth Allen had a penchant for telling people his name. In his own words he didn't even care. But somehow this is used as the basis for his continued attacks against Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin.

Seth Allen then goes on to complain about being sued by Brett Kimberlin, and how he would approach the lawsuit. He wants the right wing to pay for his defense for the story he gave them. And he goes on to say that he intends to fight back with all his might. Yet, he failed to show up for most court hearings, and ended up losing his case because of it. Not only that, he later goes on to attack his own benefactor Patrick Frey for not supposedly giving him the money to attend court.

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Seth Allen then goes onto claim victory against his ex-employers.

Seth Allen continues to claim he had quite a bit of information to give to Patrick Frey.

Yes, truth is more important. That is why we have this fact check blog here at Just Call Me Lefty.

Seth then goes on to say that the right wing didn't have this information about Brett Kimberlin or Brad Friedman. So in fact it was Seth Allen's stalking stories that got the right wing extremists interest.

Seth then goes on to say what he gave them.

Seth was sure busy with his new right wing extremist pals.

On or about October 10 2010 Seth Allen commented about the story itself.

Yes, he was kissing his own stalking hand in the mirror, salivating at his prey's up and coming demise. A stalkers wet dream of course is to be heard, and to have others carry that message forward.

Now, let's get to the gist of all of this shall we? Why would Seth Allen take his revenge for years on end?

Fame, fortune and greed...

You see Seth Allen has not been employed, nor has he been employable for 10 years running. This is his way of getting employment. He has tried many times to get a writing position with many organizations, but has always failed the due diligence test. Long ago he tried to get a job with David Horowitz, but that turned into a nightmare for Horowitz after Seth was turned down. Seth then took his website into a new direction and tried in vain to destroy it. This is documented fact. And, it is documented that stalkers such as Seth Allen will go to extreme lengths to destroy those that won't listen to them, or believe in them, or even hire them when they seek employment. Seth Allen's documented stalking activities have been legendary on the internet, and anyone who wishes to look them up or do their due diligence can find these activities that he has been accused of time and again. The only ones who don't seem to care are Assistant District Attorney for Los Angeles Patrick Frey from, Andrew Breitbart, Mandy Nagy - Breitbart's main squeeze, and Aaron Worthing, a fake Attorney who writes for Patrick Frey at

Seth Allen goes on to post the night before the October 11 2010 story was to come out at  saying how he doesn't believe that the story will gain much traction on the left. This shows that he was fully aware of the story arc and the soon to be posted version of that story. I highly doubt that any journalist would just clue in Seth Allen to a story they were working on or its publication dates or even what it was going to be about if they were not being used directly as the main source for this story.

Then a shocking revelation came to Seth Allen by way of Patrick Frey. He thought BigJournalism was Patrick Frey's way of saying the mainstream media, and not some dumb right wing extremist blog as

Poor Seth Allen. He didn't know what he was dealing with after all.

Seth Allen then notes the date and time of when the story would finally be done and ready for publication. He denotes that story is probably going to only be the poor mans version of what he gave them and had been working on for years while cyberstalking his prey.

Seth Allen then goes on to talk about Patrick Frey doing his own story on Brett Kimberlin and Brad Friedman after the BigJournalism story came out.

So Assistant District Attorney John Patrick Frey from has now decided to continue to write about Brett Kimberlin. And note the date this was posted. October 10, 2010. This means that Patrick Frey had decided even before the story had come out that he was going to take up the cyberstalking that Seth Allen had been doing for years on Brett Kimberlin and Brad Friedman. And I ask, how is it possible for a Assistant District Attorney to decide to take up the mantle of writing about Brett Kimberlin before there was even a story about Brett Kimberlin on Breitbart's website? This looks to me like Patrick Frey and Seth Allen, a known cyberstalker, have taken up arms to cyberstalk Brett Kimberlin and those on the left they do not like. Please make a note here, there is a STAT Team in Los Angeles California. STAT stands for Stalking and Threat Assessment Team. I think Patrick Frey deserves an investigation by this unit. I hope that others involved in this stalking behavior will be reported to STAT by those who are being stalked.

But on to the final Seth Allen comments.

Aaron Worthing, an oft quoted and printed name on the internet purports himself to be an attorney practicing law in Washington D.C. Of course that isn't his name, because there are no practicing, or even retired attorneys with that name in Washington D.C. Nor are there, nor has there ever been, a practicing attorney with that name anywhere in the United States. So he is basically a liar. Of course this is part and parcel of what you get when you visit or any Breitbart associated website. You get liars being passed off as truth tellers. Yes, we are meant to believe that Aaron Worthing is real, and in fact is an attorney. But upon closer examination this is easily seen to be a fabrication. Anyway, he follows up on Seth Allen's blog on October 11, 2010 with a comment to Seth Allen.

Yes, the conspirators and the nexus of their conspiracy pops up in this next comment by Patrick Frey on Seth Allen's blog showing just how they love Seth Allen for his helping them.

There you have it folks. The nexus of the conspirators - turds one and all.



  1. So what this shows is that DA John Frey is guilty of stalking as a conspirator of Mr. Allen. You make a very powerful case that Mr. Frey was directing Seth Allen, probably by paying him or leading him on with the offer of a job. This whole mess should be thoroughly investigated as a criminal matter by the DAs office in LA. It looks like Mr. Frey has been the hand behind the stalker here by counseling Mr. Allen, giving him comfort, support and stature.

    The fact that Mr. Frey continued to associate with Mr. Allen after he was sued, found to be a stalker, arrested and had a Peace Order issued against him shows either that Mr. Frey does not care about the law or that he was trying to cover up his crimes by controlling Mr. Allen. This is a real scandal that the Mainstream Media should jump on. I think that Frey's boss, Steve Cooley, can kiss his political future goodbye if this story ever breaks into the Zeitgeist. And where the heck is the Attorney General's Office on this? Do they even know what this Frey character has been involved with for the past 14 months??

  2. God damn, Lefty! I thought I knew the writing style of everyone that had this level of command of the saga of Seth Allen, John Patrick Frey (Patterico), Mandy Nagy (Liberty_Chick), Aaron Worthing the sock puppet lawyer, and the rest of these losers, but here you are with screen shots and story line all the way back to how it began.

    I agree on the Los Angeles County Stalking Unit needed to pay attention to this. If you review the filings Allen made he mentions something to the effect that he would have been able to come for more hearings, except his 'friend' couldn't send him any more money by Paypal.

    So there you have it - get someone with the authority, either criminal investigative, or civil discovery, and go through those Paypal records. struth40 and nwoisevil, both Yahoo accounts, as I recall, are the places to look.

    And once that is revealed, then the LA DA will have no choice but to fry Frey.

  3. Seth Allen also doesn't like people looking to deeply into the theory of Controlled Demolition at the world trade centers on 9/11. Paid government Troll says I.