Friday, November 18, 2011

Seth Allen, Socrates: Internet Tough Guy

In a follow up to a great post by Internet Sleuth Ron Brynaert, I wanted to dig a bit deeper into the character that represents one of the most foul smelling snakes that has existed on the intertubes. That person is Socrates or Seth L. Allen as he is now known by. I won't go into details here about the who what where when or why, because that has already been done to death. And the post by Ron Brynaert pretty much closes the chapter on all of those questions anyway. This post is really about highlighting a court case that was brought by Brett Kimberlin against Seth Allen for defamation, cyber-stalking, criminal harassment and a host of other charges.

Seth Allen has spent the last 10 years of his life online in darkened rooms in ghetto locations typing away his thoughts for all to see on the internet. He has for all intents and purposes destroyed many blogs, forums and other online communities. So many in fact that it boggles the mind on how he was able to go on for so long without anyone knowing the man behind his internet shtick/nick Socrates. Suffice it to say he was sued by someone he spent the better part of two years or more stalking. That case finally concluded. But not without much fanfare either. It has after all been the subject of intense debate on various forums and blogs on the internet.

Socrates/Seth Allen has spent these long years online pretending to be a left wing pundit calling out so called fake left wingers and highlighting their so called buffoonery. He has claimed he is the only true lefty out in the world, while the rest of those he attacks or targets are in fact fakes or hoaxes, or people who are sent by unseen powers to troll the internet spewing left wing platitudes while raking in followers and money to boot.

For years this unseen force has taken down chem-trail communities, debunked or attempted to debunk left wing blogs such as Daily Kos, Democratic Underground and a variety of other lesser known communities on the net. He uses a variety of tools at his disposal such as divide and conquer, multiple nicknames to foment dissension between parties involved in a discussion, and other like minded operations to destroy people or their communities. He has for all intents and purposes been an internet tough guy. A guy so tough that many have run for the hills when approached or targeted by him.

Recently he moved to the right wing extremist blog of and the staff at Andrew Breitbart's website. There he finally found a home among the other internet tough guys who spend every hour available spewing hate and invective throughout the internet. A more fitting place for a so called lefty I cannot imagine. But on to why we are here.

He just finished his court case in Judge Jordan's court in Maryland District Court a few days ago and lost big time. However his spin is that he won big time. And won because the verdict was 100.00 dollars plus court costs and a permanent injunction barring him from talking about the plaintiff forever and a day. But that didn't stop him from running home and opening up his dark room and spewing forth to his right wing extremist buddies how he won the day in court and how he made the Plaintiff pay. Not only that, he claims he was almost like Perry Mason in his legal moves in court against the plaintiff.

So, it took a bit of doing, but the courtroom audio has finally arrived, and I have now set about trying to determine who the real Seth Allen was. And did he in fact come off like Perry Mason, or was he like most liars, just blustering? Well, here are some of the excerpts from that courtroom drama. Of course its long and tedious, but if you are truly interested in the long versions, just drop us a comment here at this blog and we will see about sending you the full audio. For now we have excerpts of his Perry Mason skills in court.

Someone Get Me The Washington Post!!!!

That is how his first hearing started. Here was Socrates in all his glory whining like a small child for someone to get the Washington Post to help him after being arrested in court for an outstanding criminal harassment charge that was later dismissed. The case of course hinged on his murder threat to the plaintiff. And since in Maryland one must have sent a death threat to the actual person, Seth Allen skated on this by sending the death threat to a third party, one Mandy Nagy, who has been using Seth Allen as a source for news articles she has written on the plaintiff. So the case was dismissed the next day because of that one small detail. But Seth Allen claimed to everyone that it was in fact a bogus case. Below is the email sent to Mandy Nagy, you be the judge of how threatening it actually is.

From: Truth Seeker
Date: Tue, Aug 23, 2011 at 7:24 AM
Subject: Re: Making progress - urgent request
To: Aaron Worthing
Cc: Liberty Chick , Andrew Breitbart ,
Hi Aaron, thanks for the response. I think the default judgement is just for the preliminary injunction of deleting my blog. I am going to file motions myself. I will try to make it down to the next court session. But this is bogus. I need to know who this sherriff is. The record is in that courthouse, not at the website you mention. Brett Kimberlin is lying. That sounds like perjury and I want his parole officers to find out if he has yet again perjured himself. And all this time Breitbart just stands on the sidelines as if I don't even exist. I'll get this done myself if possible. I need to know that sherriff's name. I'm no lawyer, but you can't make claims in court that are lies. That means Kimberlin should go back to jail if that's true. Whatever, maybe I should murder him. Maybe that will finally get me some justice. This life sucks anyway. All anyone cares about is themselves and their own money. Freedom of speech is dead in America. Thanks for nothing Breitbart.
Of course Mandy Nagy then ratted Seth Allen out to the Police (these right wingers always eat their own) and after this event the plaintiff filed criminal harassment charges against Seth Allen which resulted in a quick criminal charge against him until a prosecutor could look it over. In the end they had to dismiss it because Maryland law states that a threat must be communicated to the individual and not to a third party. Score +1 for Seth Allen getting out of that case. But according to him and his buddies in the right wing it was all bullshit and not worth anyone's time.

So as we see in the above audio, Seth Allen, Internet Tough Guy, screams like a whiny bitch when he is finally confronted with the facts that stalking people on the internet does in fact have consequences. And some of them can be pretty severe if taken too far.

Seth Allen has recently written on his blog that he is waiting for courtroom audio so he can pull an Andrew Breitbart cut and paste job on the audio showing him winning the case against the plaintiff. In fact I have listened to every portion of this audio (I have to upload it ya know lol) and all I can say is this: its a slog to get through it all. And mainly because Seth Allen is grating to listen to. Matter of fact after hours of listening to him ramble on in incoherent sentences acting as if he is insane in court, it gets very grating to continue it. So what I have had to do is just pick out highlights of the audio to post here. Then I have to make a video of it just so I can upload it to YouTube. Not fun at all.

Some highlights. Seth Allen offers to go to work for the police constable that served him.  He constantly interrupts the judge with rambling discussions about him being some sort of teacher with a degree mind you. It's just amazing blabbering and blubbering and incoherent speech that goes on and on until you want to take an ice pick and jab it through your brain to save you from the pain and suffering of listening to it all.

"I'm the true Lefty" Seth says. Here is a compilation of the great Seth Allen, now aka Perry Mason and his legal skills in Judge Jordan's courtroom. A few quotes, "I don't have a clue." "Do I need to wait to get a chance to speak?" "I'm just intimidated by you." "Yell at me I'll take it." "I don't need any trouble here, I'm the free speech dude." "I'm the true lefty." "I don't mind losing by default, those things don't mean nothing." "I'm sorry, I'll shut up."

Yes, a true Perry Mason indeed.

What a loon. And this is just the first court hearing. There is more I tell you, much more. And I hate to even listen to it again or even upload it. But in the interest of justice I will have to upload it all. That way you can see through the lies and bullshit that Seth Allen is spewing. So next post will detail the history of Seth Allen and I will post the final court hearing where you can hear more of the same above. And the hope is that those who are interested in this lunatic can finally see just what an idiot this guy is. Not to mention being able to once and for all see what kind of person has stalked them to the ends of the earth for the last 10 years.

Hat tip goes to Brett Kimberlin for slogging through the jungles to find out who this anonymous poser was, and for finally ridding the intertubes of this idiot and exposing him for all to see.



  1. Hi Lefty -

    Will the clips here plus what you'll be putting up on your next post constitute the entirety of the audio?

  2. Hello Qritiq:

    Yes they probably will. Its 3 hours of rambling and incoherent speech though. But yes, it will probably be going up. It is a slog to go through it all however, and I don't look forward to it one bit. But as I said in the interest of those parties involved, yes, I think it needs to go up. If I leave anything out it will probably be the blank spaces, or the pauses where you hear paper shuffling and coughing and or let me think about it stuff lol.

  3. Now wait a second, I thought Seth Allen said that he won the case, but now it appears that he was lying the whole time. According to you, he lost on damages, on permanent injunction, he was arrested, he has a Peace Order against him, and now he is facing contempt and a criminal referral to the State's Attorney. Holy shit, only a really lunatic could spin that as a win.

    And now I can't believe any of those things he said about Kimberlin because he has called the judge all kinds of names too, like FatFuck, ass, incompetent, rent a judge, ambulance chaser etc. Seth Allen is a fraud, a friggin total fraud. He made up all that stuff about Kimberlin. What a jerk.

    I hope the judge throws the book away on him. If I lived in Maryland, I would call the Washington Post and tell them them to do a story on Internet stalkers and frauds like Seth Allen. These kinds of people are the lowest form of slime on earth. He professes to be educated and has fantasies about getting his story more traction -- jeez, he is going to be carted away to the crazy house before long.

    I used to like Patterico but this changes my opinion big time. What the hell is a Law Enforcement officer like him hanging around with a loose cannon stalker like Seth Allen? It reminds me of the JFK case especially since Patterico was not the person who called the police when Allen threaten to murder Kimberlin. What?, was Patterico trying to gin this nut up in the hope that he would go though with the murder. That alone should ruin Patterico's career, and I am done reading his blog.

    I hope you and other reporters like Ron really dig into this Seth Allen fraudster and lay out the whole case against him. He is friggin dangerous. And my god, that picture of him is terrifying -- holy shit, if I saw him coming I would grab my kids' hands and run away as fast as I can. How can he even be allowed out on the street.

    Anyway, great work, you sure opened up my eyes. Seth Allen is a stalker, a fraudster, a liar, a propagandist, and a whore in the sense that he will bed with anyone who will give him a little bit of attention. What a total fake Seth Allen is. Thank you so much for exposing his whole operation.

  4. Seth Allen was employed by Breitbart, handled by Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney John Patrick Frey aka Patterico, and this all started over Brett Kimberlin & Velvet Revolution creating the web site.

    They tried to game Ron Brynaert, using him as they did Allen. Ron is quite wild, but at his core he is still a trained investigative journalist and he doesn't like being fucked with the way Frey attempted.

    Poor Soc ... he had an amazing run, he's a troll's troll for sure, but now the game is up, and his next stop is a three month stint in Maryland, either Montgomery County or Brockridge.

  5. It looks to me like Seth Allen knew this was his last hurrah and wanted to go down in flames. I mean look at that murder threat email. He says his life sucks, the world is unfair and at least he could pull a John Hinkley and be remembered as something other than someone who failed at everything including Internet stalking. Now, the long arm of the law is after him, all his right wing handlers have dropped him out of fear of being caught up in his criminal conduct, and no one believes a word he says anymore. His whole introverted world has been turned upside down.

    Seth Allen spent the last decade living in a darkened room and attacking people using fake names. Now he is out in the sunlight where posts, pictures, videos, audio and data about him are all there for the world to see. And it paints a very, very deranged picture.

    Now, not even Patterico wants to have anything to do with Soc, after using him for a year to attack Kimberlin. So Soc has lost everything he once had. Karma is unforgiving especially when it causes the massive, sustained, serial harm caused by Seth L. Allen to so many innocent people.

  6. John Patrick Frey, commonly known as Patterico, is Deputy District Attorney in LA County California. He had an obligation under the law to report the murder plot because he is an officer of the Court.

    Joe Paterno was just fired from Penn State because he didn't do enough to report Jerry Sandusky (even though he did report it to his boss). But in the case of Mr. Frey, he did not report the murder threat even though he had been in contact with Seth Allen, as Frey himself admits, for many months. Patterico's conduct appears to be much more egregious than Joe Paterno's because he is a law enforcement official.

    This seems to be not only a firing offense but also could be a violation of California law. I live in San Francisco and I am going to go the law library to see if I can out if a person has to report a crime here.

    What I don't understand is why all of this is just coming out now when this death threat, or murder plot, happend back in August. Mr. Frey should have marched into his supervisor's office and laid out the facts of his relationship with Seth Allen, his involvement in the murder plot, and what steps he was taking to hold Seth Allen accountable. Instead, Mr. Frey has boosted Mr. Allen and congratulated him on his supposed win in Maryland, while mocking the case and the judgment issued.

    This makes it appear that Patterico is involved up to his ears in the murder plot and that he conspired with Seth Allen to commit murder. It appears that Patterico knew that Mr. Allen was mentally unstable so he manipulated him to the point of murder. One of the questions that needs to be answered is what Mr. Frey and Mr. Allen talked about in the hour long phone call they had just days before the murder plot, as described by Mr. Allen in a comment on Patterico's blog.

    The thing that is clear is that John Patrick Frey knew about yet covered up a death threat to murder someone that Mr. Frey has targeted for over a year. This is not only a firing offense but also a criminal offense.

  7. How many of those comments are by Neal Rauhauser?

    There is no fucking murder plot. Shut up!

  8. The email constitutes a death threat from a guy who says that life sucks and murder is his idea of justice. Was that idea planted by Patterico or Worthing? Did they take advantage of a person of diminished capacity? If so, then it was a murder plot. At this point, there is no way to say if it was a plot or just a lunatic Seth Allen on his own. But just like the attack on Dr. Tiller, people like Patterico and Worthing and Nagy are responsible for the actions of people they gin up to attack someone. These people foment hate, and publish lies all day long so there is a direct causation when someone takes a shot at one of their targets, and that's what happened here.

    The right knows that they can push people to commit violent acts by constantly harping on a specific person, and that's clearly what happened here. Seth Allen was pumped up by the recognition of his work by Patterico and Nagy, so he escalated, and they pumped him up more, and then lo and behold, he tells them that he can get justice by murdering their target.

    Luckily, Nagy got scared and called the cops. But Patterico did nothing. He should at minimum be fired for that.

  9. I agree, John Frey, as a District Attorney, should have stepped in and shut Seth Allen down. The fact that he did not shows that he was a willing participant in the death threat and the failure to report it.

    Seth Allen has lost his entire audience and all his support. He reminds me of an old man who sits around complaining about losing money in the 1929 Stock Market crash.

    And I read somewhere else today in a post by Ron Bry that Seth is facing criminal contempt for violating the Injunction and attacking the judge. Wow, criminal contempt can be brutal. I heard of a case where a guy gave the finger to the judge and he gave him 30 years in prison. The thing about criminal contempt is that there is no limit to the sentence, and Allen is going to have to go to the same court where the judge he called FatFuck is sitting. And I checked out the judge who referred the matter to the State's Attorney and he used to be law partners with Judge Jordan, so clearly he was very pissed off at Seth Allen for calling the judge an ambulance chaser and an ass.

    Seth Allen needs to get his affairs in order, put his stuff in storage, and pack a toothbrush because he is definitely going to jail for a long time. But one good thing, he will not be able to pull that shit in the joint, they will slam him with Thorazine and have him shuffling down the hall to pill line twice a day. And if he runs his mouth like he did in court, his room mates will make sure he shuts the fuck up.

    I practice law in Florida and criminal contempt can be a real bitch. One reporter I know did three years in jail for criminal contempt when he would not reveal a source. And that is child's play compared to what Seth Allen has done.

    And as a lawyer, if I were advising Seth Allen now, I would tell him to pull all his blog posts and remove every post he ever made on any blog. Give away his computer and vow to stay off the net for five years. Check into a mental hospital and insist on intensive therapy (its probably free in MA since they have Romney care up there), and write a letter to the Maryland State's Attorney and tell him that he will turn himself in and plead guilty once he has completed his stay in the mental hospital. If Seth Allen forces extradition and fights this thing, he is going to be buried so far into the criminal justice system that he might never see the light of day.

    This has been a real train wreck to watch. Rarely have I seen a person make so many legal errors in one place. It is like the moth that keeps flying into the fire until it burns to death. Seth Allen has been on a suicidal march into oblivion for years, and he is ready to fall over the edge.

  10. Seth Allen is a beautiful human being and I have written about his greatest hits right here:

  11. Would love the full audio of the Seth Allen Show in Maryland. Did you post the whole thing somewhere?

  12. A man who once went by the name of 'Et in Arcadia ego' is laughing hysterically right now..

  13. "I'm the true lefty." Seth Allen is full of crap. Along time ago I became suspicious that "Socrates" was a rightwinger posing as a lefty by three things. 1st, the enormous effort he spends going after the left instead of the right. The majority of his time was spent whacking away at the left wing instead of the right. Odd for someone calling themselves a "lefty." Number two, he likes to call attention repeatedly to the fact that he is a real "lefty". Real lefties usually don't do that. Number three, if you brought up to him that you believed the World Trade Center appears to have been brought down by Controlled Demolition he would go bananas on you. Discussion of that on his blogs was a no no. I always found that odd. It's not like a lot of professionals haven't wondered the same thing about the towers? So what the hell does Socrates thinks he knows? Joseph Cannon at cannonfire blogspot is another "lefty" who back in 2008 was very anti-obama while most lefties were pro-Obama and he had this strong dislike of anyone wondering aloud on his blog if the towers were brought down by CD. So I always wondered if Socrates and Cannon were "agents" posing as lefties and were told to limit discussions on 9/11. One more "interesting" thing. It appears that "Socrates" Seth Allen may have been buddy, buddy with Breitbart right? Maybe some relationship under the table we aren't privy too? Seth Allen is south of Boston in Easton, Massachusetts. A few months back, Boston mobster Whitey Bulger was arrested in Santa Monica California just down the road from where Breitbart has his office. Breitbart's buddy Matt Drudge when the FBI news came out about the Bulger bust, totally ignored it and did not put it on the front page of I found that really odd. As far as I know, Drudge has NEVER put a Bulger bust story on his page. Someone correct me if I am wrong here. Anyone know if Breitbart has any interesting Boston ties? What about that skinny Oswald lookalike character running Breitbart's Democrat blackmail operation? Just a bit of trivia for consideration.

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