Monday, December 5, 2011

Patrick "Patterico" Frey & Brad Friedman: Schlepping With The Enemy

In a perfect world people of all political stripes, be they from the left, right or center, can go along to get along. However, in this instance, Patrick "Patterico" Frey seen at the far left in this picture, cannot somehow get along anymore with his good friend and co-host Brad Friedman.

The question I have is; how could the two of them sit in the same room together and carry on a rational political dialogue in friendship and yet now be enemies?

What caused a man such as Patrick Frey to go over the cliff when it concerns his good friend Brad Friedman? Could it be web traffic? If one thinks about the old adage "drama brings in the parishioners," then could all this lunacy with Patrick Frey and Brad Friedman just be about gaining extra traffic to Let's look at the traffic stats from

It appears that for the most part both sites are neck and neck, with Bradblog taking up the lead in Time Spent On Site, and Daily Page Views per user. And Patterico is neck and neck with Bradblog on Daily Traffic Rank. I have wondered why Patrick Frey, who seems like a calm and reasoned person when you listen to him, would just suddenly out of the blue start attacking his good friend Brad Friedman? And many questions come to mind here. Could it be a desire for additional traffic to by starting a drama war? Could it be a friendly war between the two to build up drama so others will comment? Or could it be that Patrick Frey is just another low life bully who gets off on attacking friends and foes alike?

Looking at a closeup of Patrick Frey I get the distinct impression that he looks sort of like Adolph Hitler, with that jet black hair and Hitler looking mustache. In a way he looks positively evil. He is also a chunky round boy, who if he was a fatty as a child, was probably beaten up by other bullies at school. If one follows bullies they all have a pattern, and that is they do to others what was done to them. What Patrick Frey does online today is bully people. He also stalks them when he is in his hater mode. So looking at how he operates one gets the impression that as a youth he was bullied, beaten, and had school mates follow him home taunting him all the way down the street. Because that is exactly how he operates today with others.

The whole Adolph Hitler look is probably par for the course. Maybe he uses that look to scare people or beat them into submission? No matter, we have Patrick Frey's number. Stalker, Hater, Cyberbully, Assistant District Attorney. Mike Nifong anyone?

Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

The criticisms focused on a series of actions taken by Nifong: that he went public with a series of accusations that later turned out to be untrue; that he exaggerated and intensified racial tensions; that he unduly influenced the Durham police investigation; that he tried to manipulate potential witnesses; that he refused to hear exculpatory evidence prior to indictment; that regulations on the conduct of an identification exercise were breached by failure to include "dummy" photographs; that he had never spoken directly to the alleged victim about the accusations; and that he made misleadingly incomplete presentations of various aspects of the evidence in the case (including DNA results).

Interestingly this is how Patrick "Patterico" Frey operates today...



  1. Wow, I had no idea that Patterico pals around with Brad Friedman. This is a huge gamechanger for me --, where in the heck did you get that picture. I wonder if they have lunch together too and talk on the phone. Maybe their fight is really all show just to get more traffic. Gee, i am going to have to re-evaluate what I think of Patterico. I always supported him because he did not compromise with the Left. But you can't get more left than Brad Friedman. Another big disappointment for me. That's two this week -- Herman Cain and John Frey, sold a bag of lies. Makes me want to throw in the towel on all these fakes.

  2. When you piss off as many people as he has, goodies just fall into your lap. Hey, anyone want the picture of his wife I found?