Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Aaron Worthing: Con Artist And Outright Fraudster

Yesterday morning I ran across an article on by the esteemed right wing Attorney at Law Aaron Worthing saying that he decided to quit Patterico to go back to his low trafficked other blog. I immediately thought that something was rotten in Denmark. And sure enough today we get Aaron Worthing coming out of his closet telling people, Oh by the way, I told a little white lie, I'm not really Aaron Worthing. Of course you're not Aaron Worthing, for we here at Lefty have been trying to nail you down for quite some time and could never find a real attorney by the name of Aaron Worthing anywhere. We here at the Lefty blog have also said it a few times on this blog and other blogs that you were an outright fraud, but it seemed that few would believe us. Until now that is.

After reading this news on Aaron Worthings Islamic Hater website, I noticed another fraud being perpetrated on the public. Here Aaron Worthing tells another little lie.

As for Patterico’s site, I never said in a post that I was really Aaron Worthing, but I did link back to here where I said it, and I did say it in the comments at his site (e.g., here) to a man who has stalked me for over ten years, who goes by the nickname “Kman.” 

Well, well well. Could you perhaps tell me where else you said you were Aaron Worthing? How about we jog your white liar memory for a few minutes:

Do you remember this radio show?

How about your posts here:

How about here:

How about here:

And here where you said:

About Me
Just a regular, sort of cranky moderately conservative lawyer, living in the greater Washington, D.C. and ruminating on law, life and the local spectator sport known as politics. Btw, if you want to email me, write to AaronJW72 [at] I assume by now you understand that you are supposed to use one of those @ symbols for "[at]." If you want to send info related to Everyone Draw Mohammed, do so at edmd5.20.10 [at] 

How about your membership here:

Of course we have your lying ass here as well:

And here:

And Twitter:

And Facebook, which I won't even link to. And countless other sites spread far and wide on the intertubes. Yes friends and neighbors, I only told a little white lawyer lie, you see, I am NOT Aaron Worthing, I am however a fraud, and have been committing a fraud on the public about myself for 10 years or so. Yes, I'm sorry folks, I was being stalked you see. And my stalker, well, he knew who I was but he never told anyone about it while he stalked me. Mighty fine that my stalker never told anyone about me, mighty fine indeed. Yes, that is why I lied, because I have been stalked. That is why I have been a serial liar for all this time, because my stalker who continued to stalk me everywhere I went, well, he was a good guy you see, and he kept my dirty fraudulent secret from everyone to protect me you see. Stalker yes, but he protected me too.

Sure Aaron "Fraud' Worthing. You've been lying for so long you forgot what the truth really meant. So now I have to take everything you have said over these long years and wonder just what else have you been lying about? You lied on You then went to your own blog and continued the lie by saying you never really said you were Aaron Worthing, sans in a few comments which is another lie. And now we have you talking on the radio giving your continued white lawyer lies, and then all of these other places have shown that you have been lying to everyone you have ever come into contact with for a very long time.

What a fraud you are Aaron Worthing. And what a fraud Patrick Frey has been for covering your lying frauds up for so long. Yes, sure, I believe you just told Patterico that you were a fraud yesterday. If that was true then good old Patrick "Patterico" Frey doesn't even do the due diligence on his own friends or guest bloggers. So I take it that anyone could lie to Patrick Frey and get away with it? Is Patrick Frey that stupid? Or is this just more lies from admitted con artist Aaron Worthing? Either way you get the thumbs up from the best liar in the business:



    1. In reading this, it appears that Mr. Aaron Worthing, if he really is an actual attorney, could have just run afoul of legal ethics rules by defrauding the public, by giving Seth Allen legal advice using a fake name and by giving legal opinions on Patterico using that fake name. So let's now see if anyone will actually identify the real name of Aaron Worthing so that concerned citizens can file a bar complaint against him.

    2. He and the rest of his crew at have eggs all over their faces now. So I don't doubt they will try and spin it to make them look good. Problem is, you can't really spin it any other way than he is a fraud, and with him, the rest of the people at are now looking like frauds.

      I am sure his good friend and sockpuppet Dustin will say its all OK, but they now look like the frauds we have claimed they were all along.

    3. I was a big fan of Worthing at Patterico and couldn't wait for his posts, but now I have to question everything he said. It was all a fraud, a hoax perpetrated by him or him and Patterico. I have had to re-evaluate all that I believed about Worthing. There is no way I can now believe that he is an attorney. It appears that he might be crazy and by that I mean mentally ill. He said that he has three learning disabilities, well that means he is probably completely off the rails. It would be very odd if someone with such disabilities made it through law school. Yet he says he has a wife too, but when did he have time to work and pay attention to his family while he was blogging non stop at Patterico. Sorry, i am calling Aaron Worthing out as a complete fraud, a hoaxster and a liar. He needs to pull an Anthony Weiner and pull the plug totally -- get off the grid. He has lost all credibilty.

      And Patterico, who I used to respect, needs to out Mr. Worthing and tell everyone his real name and everything else he knows about Worthing. Why would Patterico want to protect the person who just ruined the reputation of his blog? If Patterico does not out him, then something more nefarious is going on. Maybe Worthing is not crazy but rather is actually a government agent planted with full knowledge of Patterico in order to trace Islamo terrorists and right wing extremists. Hey Aaron, did you send your blog logs to the FBI? Or maybe you are FBI.

      A sleeper agent sounds very plausible here, either CIA or FBI. Or maybe one of those intelligence contractors who does the dirty work for the government. Aaron Worthing is using deep cover, with fake name, fake job, fake address and fake profile.

      That avatar he uses does not look like something that would be conceived by a corporate lawyer with a wife and three learning disabilities. It looks like something a guy with military background would use. Yeah, Patterico, a Deputy District Attorney, hired a government agent to blog on his blog in order to spy on bloggers, to create dossiers on people commenting there, many who espoused extremist views. And Worthing also did the same on his own Islamo hater blog. That blog is a honey pot to attract crazies, terrorists and extremists so the information can be fed into the DHS/NSA database.

      Well Aaron, you had me fooled, but tell me, when is the next shoe going to drop. Are your handlers about to make a bunch of arrests that will tie back to you so you knew you had to bail from Patterico? There's something else going on here that we have not been told, but the picture is pretty clear that you were not just a fake, you were a plant, a government agent who has infiltrated the blogging world in order to spy on people. Next thing we know, you will be transferred to another assignment using another fake profile, because that's what secret agents do. Heck of a job, Patterico.

    4. Lefty, you were wrong so admit it. Aaron Worthing is an attorney whose real name is Aaron Walker. It is understandable that he would not want to use his real name because he was exercising his First Amendment rights by publishing a blog called EveryoneDrawMohammed. By using the pseudonym, he could publish the blog and be a lawyer.