Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Aaron Worthing: Coward Of The County

In a post that reeks of cowardice, Aaron Worthing posted that he is afraid to come out of his anonymous closet because the plaintiff in the case against Seth Allen, whom Aaron Worthing now wishes to legally represent, is afraid that the plaintiff will hurt him. So instead of coming out of his fraudulent closet, he instead requested that Google not identify him to the plaintiff due to him being afraid of the plaintiff in the case.

He isn't afraid of the Muslim community whom he had been defiling with his Everyone Draw Mohammed website. No, in this case he is afraid of the plaintiff, and afraid to face him in open court. So he now claims he is going to file a motion to quash the subpoena to identify him based on his fear of the plaintiff. Yet he is going to cross file in the Seth Allen case and become Seth Allen's legal representative and defend him anonymously in open court. Hilarious if it wasn't so true. I have never heard of one civil case where an attorney was allowed to defend his client without naming to the court who he is or where he came from, or even if he is licensed to practice in the state he is attempting to practice in.

Aaron Worthing has made a number of tactical errors himself. One of which is that he has for a number of years misrepresented himself on the internet as an attorney named Aaron Worthing, which is not even his real name. He has written letters in support of his legal opinions to many a corporation and government body claiming he is an Attorney, and always signs off his letters, Aaron Worthing ESQ. According to Maryland Civil statutes, an Attorney who wishes to be granted a practice in a state in which he is not licensed must never have held himself out as a fraud or misrepresented himself or had any deceit attached to himself. Well, by his own words he has misrepresented himself for years as Aaron Worthing. And to this day continues to deceive people with various schemes and lies about the case now facing him.

Another such lie was that he claimed to file a 200 page response to the motion to identify him by sending it out to the court via UPS on Monday December 26 2011. However upon further examination UPS was found to be closed and all drivers were off for the Christmas holiday. When this was posted at his blog as a comment he deleted it claiming that UPS was in fact opened, when anyone with a phone can call UPS to find out that they were in fact closed for pickups that day. So he continues to lie his way to the top of the food chain when it comes to his legal filings.

He posted early last week that the plaintiff in the case would be disabused of the notion that he was a fake attorney by the very next day. Yet, when the next day happened Aaron Worthing claimed he hadn't had enough time to file his response, but it would be forthcoming very soon.

The day after that he claimed he was still feverishly working on his filings, yet nothing was filed. Then on Monday December 26 2011 he claimed he was posting his 200 page response on his own blog that very night. And of course nothing was ever posted.

Aaron Worthing is still a total fraud and liar. And as of today he now claims he won't be posting his case online nor his pleadings on his blog. And the excuse is he is too tired to post lol.

He now claims he had to remove the ability for people to post anonymously, saying that someone was spamming his blog and they should be ashamed of their post. Well, here is the so called spam post which he claimed was spam and shameful, which he then promptly deleted:

Another funny thing is that he has attempted a number of times to obtain counsel to defend him, and so far no takers. He tried to use Ken at to get him an attorney. They put out a bat signal for help and no one came to their rescue over it. They claimed they could only pay for gas but not legal fees. Yes, they have no money.. Hilarious...

Could it be that Aaron Worthing is just a fraudulent coward who doesn't wish to expose who he is or what he is to the world? Does Aaron Worthing have one bone in his body that doesn't spell out the word coward?

I think so...



  1. Please update this post, Mr. Coward, at the very top, to note that Aaron is falsely accusing me of leaving anonymous comments at his blog...when you seem to imply that you did it yourself.

    I didn't leave any comment at that lying troll's blog because he deleted the only one I did leave and lied about what I wrote.

  2. Wait, did someone say that Aaron Worthing was outed as a two bit lawyer from Manassas, VA who went to Court and beat the shit out of Kimberlin? Jeez, it sounds like he wanted to be outed and portray himself as some kind of tough guy to he attacked Kimberlin. What a dunce. I would like the hear more about what happened.

  3. So what I am trying to figure out is if this Aaron Worthing fraudster lied to the Court in his Kimberlin filing when he said that he is "an attorney in good standing" in two jurisdictions. I am an attorney and I checked all the states and he is not a member in good standing in two jurisdictions, only one. In fact, he has been suspended in one jurisdiction, which means he is not in good standing. It seems like making false statements in a pleading by an attorney is a violation of the Rules that govern we lawyers. Someone should report him.

  4. Hat tip--Word has it that Aaron Walker's Everyone Draw Mohammed blog posts were found on the computer discs seized from Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. OBL was using them to recruit suicide bombers to kill Allied Forces in Afghanistan. We need more information to see exactly how many bombers were recruited and how many of those actually killed our forces. Aaron Walker is a total ass and he must be very proud that his blog was read by OBL, and used to kill Americans???

  5. Well, for you to make a statement like that, you have to be a deep military intel operative. Maybe you could be so kind as to tell us more about Mr. Aaron Walker's blog being discovered on OBL's computer. It sounds plausible, but it would be nice to know more. If it's true, he should be charged with treason for aiding and abetting the enemy. They just charged Manning but according to you, Mr. Aaron Walker's blog has resulted directly in the death of American military personnel.

  6. The Pakistan Government starting destroying OBL's compound today not for the reasons stated but in order to look into every nook and cranny and inside walls and floors for more evidence. They had teams out there along with a bucket machine to take off inches at a time so they could see if anything turned up in the rubble. As far as Mr. Walker's blog, it was found on a digital data drive that was used to recruit suicide bombers. This is a story that needs to be told.

  7. What I find interesting is that Aaron Walker's bosses, Andrew Breitbat and Patrick Frey, readily use their own names to attack everyone except Muslims, which they do anonymously through Mr. Walker and his Mohammed hating website. Seems like they are afraid to say how they really feel, at least using their real names. I am from Europe and people over here who want to insult Muslims do so without hiding behind curtains. Come on tough guys, stick your chest out. And yes of course you will have to make adjustments like Salman Rushdie did. But this is the life you chose by hating people and attacking our Prophet.

  8. Looks like this case ensures that Aaron Walker is going to get jail time for his assault on Kimberlin. The judge in this case gave the guy a break for insulting Mohammed, only to get inundated with complaints and death threats to such a degree that he had to move his courthouse. Certainly, the officials in Maryland don't want that happening there. Aaron Walker is going to jail.

  9. Why the hell is Patterico paling around with Muslim Hate Blogger Aaron Walker? Well, because Frey is part of the Walker/Breitbart hate Islam team. They thought they could get way with having Aaron Walker publish the hate blog using a false name but now its all coming out for the world to see. And today the NYT refused to run an anti Muslim hate advertisement because they knew that it was wrong and could foment violence. But Frey, Walker, Breitbart and their gang of idiots ran hundreds of depictions of Prophet Mohammed which got soldiers killed overseas. They hide behind the First Amendment when they are just plain stupid. Yeah, the KKK used the same line of horseshit to attack harass minorities.