Monday, December 12, 2011

Aaron Worthing: Shovels The Bull

In Aaron Worthing's latest "I'm Not A Fraud" post, he shovels the bullshit dark and deep. It also makes me wonder if Aaron is truly like his website says, allergic to bullshit? If he is, he must need some heavy allergy medication, for he surely shoveled the bullshit deep in his latest post. Let's break it down shall we?

He starts off his post with the ubiquitous "I know I probably shouldn't do this part."

Well if you shouldn't do it Aaron (Fake Name) Worthing, then why are you doing it? Blog got you down perhaps? Traffic not what it used to be? Feeling left out after being fired from It never ceases to amaze me when someone says, "you know I probably shouldn't do this," but then proceeds to do exactly what he probably shouldn't do. It would probably be better to just say, "I thought about this and here is what I am going to do." Anyway, let's move on.

Sure Aaron (Fake Name) Worthing. What little friends you have left who know the real you, which is that you are a liar and a fraud, are probably still your friends. As for disputing your morality, I doubt you have any at all. For it was you who created the everyonedrawmohammed blog which was set up to defame, disparage and defile the Prophet Mohammed and people of the Muslim faith. Therefore I question your morality on that alone. I don't care much that you are an extremist right winger, or poser, or even a government agent out to trap people. I dispute anyone who calls themselves moral when they set about to defile someone else's religion by having people send in cartoons which disparage someone else's faith or religion. Morals? You have zero credibility in that area.

You were never moderately friendly with anyone Aaron (Fake Name ) Worthing. You just thought you were. As for Weiner having sex outside of marriage, we can probably dig up a number of right wingers who have done far worse. But that is for a later post. As for your twitter pic, it has been duly noted what you were trying to say with it. Here is the thing Aaron (Fake Name) Worthing, If you find a picture offensive or one that you are sure will draw the ire of those that view it, then why use it unless you are trying to make a statement about your ideology? It goes with the territory that you run a blog that was set up for the express purpose of defiling the Muslim religion. So it's no secret here that with the avatar in question you were again trying to say that you, a right wing extremist who is a coward at the very least, will liken yourself to those who would be against someone of the democratic party who was murdered by a sniper or snipers long ago? Well, that is what I get out of it.

As for being consistent in your denunciations about those who would murder someone else, we have the smoking gun on you already.

In the "maybe I should murder him" email that Seth Allen sent you, did you ever once denounce or renounce Seth Allen in public or in private for that email? Or did you remain silent while this cyberstalker and internet bully -who was at the time at his wits end and contemplating the murder of someone who was suing him - plotted and planned the demise of his nemesis? I don't think anyone ever heard from you in public on this issue. And it would be good to get your opinion on why you didn't pick up the phone and call the police? You claim you are a lawyer correct? So that makes you, Aaron (Fake Name) Worthing an Officer of the Court. And you remained silent on a deranged lunatic claiming that there was no justice in the world, and maybe he should go out and murder someone else to "OBTAIN THAT JUSTICE"  and all the while you just remained totally silent on the issue?

I call that:

Now onto your claim of why you chose the name of Aaron (Fake Name) Worthing.

I can hear the conversation with your wife now. Honey, I have this idea whereby I make a blog about drawing cartoons which is disparaging of the Muslim faith, and I want to do it under my own name. I know that people have had death sentences rendered against them for such drawings and or writings *cough* Salman Rushdie *cough-cough*. And I know that it will probably enrage those from the Muslim world, but honey, I want to do it under my own name. I want to show the world that I am NOT A COWARD. I want to paint a huge red target on my back that says my name all over it and have all the people of the Muslim faith come down on me for drawing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed on the toilet and so forth. Can I honey.... Can I please use my own name for this blog? No? Aww shucks...

You sir are a coward, plain and simple. You are the worst coward of them all. You hide behind the computer screen and offer to do things that you know will inflame a certain segment of the public, and you do so under cover of darkness and anonymity because you are too afraid to stand up and be a man and let the world know who is doing this and why. You are no different than a weak sister, a criminally weak sister. Cowardice is no excuse though. You set up a blog to defile, inflame and enrage a community, and you did it under the cover of anonymity. And then when we have been calling you out as a faker, a poser, and a fraud for these last few months, you finally come clean with your frauds and lies and then go about trying to set the record straight with this insane article on why you had to change your name, and why you did what you did, and still to this day continue it.

Speak freely without fear of professional reprisals? I doubt that very seriously. Your cowardice on why you lied about your name has been noted Sir. As for being learning disabled, I am sure that is another in a long series of lies you have made and continue to make. As for employers, you have none. You have claimed on radio shows that you are Aaron Worthing, Attorney at Law and self employed. You have given legal advice to a criminal stalker named Seth Allen. You have continued to act as if you are a trained lawyer, and yet, you allow a criminal stalker to go after people all the while claiming later on that another reason you changed your name and defrauded people about it was that you had a stalker on you. Yet, when someone else was stalking someone you knew and had been a party to writing about, you gave that stalker legal advice on how to proceed against the person he was stalking. You Sir are a LIAR extraordinaire, or a complete and utter fraud or a complete and utter bullshit artist, or all three put together.

Yes, your wife (if you truly have one) said no because she didn't like what you were proposing. And that was to make fun of, and at the same time, defile someone else's religious faith all because you are a complete and utter moron and hater. Not to mention a complete and utter fool, and a complete and utter fraud. I am sure she said no for those exact reasons. The timeline Sir is very simple. You decided long ago to defile a religion based upon your own hatred of that religion. And that hatred was based largely on your FEAR of that religion, and your utter cowardice in dealing with it. That Sir is the simple fact of the matter.

Yes, call someone else a liar who outs your own lies and distortions and frauds. Yes, that is the ticket to get everyone to believe everything you are saying. Sorry, not going to buy it Mr. Fraud.

You continue to heap loads of bullshit on people. You set out to make a blog that defiles a religion. You said to people look, its not my thing, but since there is a lack of other blogs out there doing that shtick I might as well step up to the plate and do one on my own. And do it over the objections of my wife and family. So your preferences were already decided the minute you started your cowardly blog. The only reason you put that part about it not being your preference was because you were too cowardly to own up to the fact that you were in fact a coward by creating such a blog.

What terrorists are you talking about here? Your blog was not set up to defile terrorists. Your blog was specifically set up to defile the Prophet Mohammed. The blog wasn't named everyone-draw-a-terrorist. Or every-one-defile-a-terrorist. It was called everyonedrawmohammed. Your "INTENT here was one thing and one thing only, to defile the Prophet Mohammed, because you are a right wing coward like most of your other right wing coward friends. And you are a LIAR, and a FRAUD. And that much has been proven already.

You Sir are one sick and twisted piece of total shit. You are garbage. You smell so bad I want to vomit when you come near. You want or believe we should have the right to offend? I am sure you are the light at any party. You remind me of that offensive guy everyone tries to run from when he walks in the door at a party. The guy who wears shit on his shoes so he can make people sick from the smell. Or the guy who shits in his pants so others will get sick of smelling it as you walk by. You set up a blog to offend people in the worst way, and you set it up as a coward would, unable and unwilling to stand up for yourself while doing it. In this man's army they call you what you are when you do such things, and that is that you are a COWARD, a stinking yellow belly, that is what you are Aaron (Fake Name) Worthing... A stinking coward. You probably got your ass beat at school like your good friend and butt buddy Patrick Frey. The both of you are stinking cowards who hide behind their computer screens and offend people for fun while you start fights with those who can't find you or even know who you are, and doing it all in the name of fun.

You stinking coward bastard...You yellow belly fucking coward..

He is probably angry at you because you are a stinking lying coward and internet bully who defrauds people far and wide. And when you get your hand caught in the cookie jar, like some small child you try to reason that it wasn't you with his hand in the cookie jar, no, it was someone else. No, I cannot for any reason see why people are angry at you.

OK, so your lies and frauds are now out there for all to see. But the part that gets me the most here is that you were asking others to give their real names to somehow prove that they were not cowards, while you, the biggest and most stinkiest coward of them all watched on with glee. And then at the end of your post here, you have the AUDACITY to act like a ghetto gang banger and call people BITCHES????

WTF is that all about I ask??? BITCHES? Are you some foul mouthed little kid who grew up in Harlem? I doubt it. You are a nasty piece of white trash, and one that should be swept into the gutter from which you came you lying coward.

So I was right. You were mocked and beat up as a child, much like your good friend Patrick Frey, and probably the stalker Seth Allen that you gave legal advice to in his desire to murder someone that you also hated on was beat up as a child as well. Yes, this is the issue here. This is why you are a coward, because you never fought back on your own. You hide because what you are sir is a coward to this day. You were a coward as a child, you were a coward as a teenager, and you are a coward as a grown adult. Note I don't call you a Man, because to be a man sir you would have to know how to stand up for yourself and fight out in the open which you clearly cannot do. Thus you are a coward now, and will probably ALWAYS be a coward the rest of your stinking life. Good to know. Good to know. And no curse words are censored here. We don't need to hide behind the computer screen and act afraid of our words like you do you fucking coward.



  1. There is something wrong going on here with Mr. Worthing. His credibility is totally on the rocks and he has lost his audience. I would think that he should finally call it quits. Every time he writes something new, he put his foot down his throat. His fraud and hypocrisy has been exposed.

    He is also lying about being a lawyer. No lawyer would do what he did by attacking a religion, associating with a stalker, and covering up a murder threat. He wants to come clean without coming clean. Mr. Worthing, either tell us who you really are or pull your sites off the net and stop blogging.

    Great work, calling it like it is.

  2. I disagree with myself in the previous post - lawyering is the refuge of sociopaths who figure out it's safer putting people in prison, even if you have to lie *cough* John Patrick Frey *cough*, than it is doing things that'll get you locked up.

    I find the prohibition against drawing the Prophet puzzling, but hey, it's their rule, guess I'll abide by it.

  3. So is Aaron Worthing really a lawyer named Aaron Walker? That's the way it looks from the postings on his Bullshit blog. All I did was go look up his name on the Maryland Case search and boom, there it is. So really, he has outed himself. Holy shit, this guy is saying that someone outed him when he actually outed himself. What a stupid idiot. Sounds like he is trying to play the poor victim when he caused this all himself by publishing the most inflammatory blog possible, insulting one of the biggest religions on earth, and thinking that he could do so in complete anonymity. This guy is one of the biggest morons ever.

    "I'm the great Aaron. I am protected by the First Amendment and God. No one can mention my real name or they will be slayed... I am the great Aaron, oh, but don't look behind the curtain because you'll see that I am a total fucking fraud."

  4. Are you saying that Aaron Worthing is really attorney Aaron Walker? That means that an attorney is the creator of a blog blaspheming the Prophet Mohammed. What, is this guy an idiot? Didn't he see the Facebook page where more that 20 thousand people have called for the execution of a guy from Saudia Arabia who wrote some tweets insulting Mohammed?

    I think that what he has done may be illegal -- an officer of the court attacking a religion, what is that all about?.

  5. I have done some research and it does look like Aaron Worthing and Aaron Walker are one and the same. In line with your post Lefty, the question is whether Walker is a government agent paid to try to identify Muslims who might have nefarious things on their minds. Is Walker using his blog as a honey pot for the the feds? If so, he must be getting paid by the Government. The next question is who else is he working for and with. If he is a Government agent/spy, then so are Frey and Breitbart since they have been supporting the anti Muslim blog and in turn have allowed Walker to post on their sites. Or maybe, none of them are spies but rather just ideologues who hate on anyone of the Muslim religion. No matter what, it seems pretty obvious that Frey and Breitbart are part of Walker's crew and vice versa.

  6. Well, you should be thanking Seth Allen because without him, Aaron Walker would still be hiding behind his fake lawyer name insulting Muslims. Seth is responsible for his own outing and for Walker's outing. Lefty, you should be extending credit where credit is due. Seth rose to the top of the Zeitgeist by outing Walker, getting Walker arrested for second degree assault and getting a protective order issued against Walker. You should be sending Seth some kind of award or at least a big thank you on this blog. Seth has a mad genius to him and I would not doubt it if he planned this whole thing out. Kimberlin was just the means to the end, and the end was to expose Aaron Walker as one of the main people behind Everyone Draw Mohammed. Kudos to Seth!!

  7. I am a lawyer from Maryland and Aaron Walker is about to get a very rude awakening on his second degree assault charge. In Maryland, these cases are taken very seriously and almost all people convicted of second degree assault are sent to prison. Check out these sentencing statistics. Also, because he has not accepted responsibility for his actions, has continued to blog about and harass his victim, and tried to blame the victim, his sentencing guideline score will be increased and he could get the top of the guidelines instead of a chance of probation or minimal incarceration. As an attorney, I would have advised Mr. Walker to immediately remove all his blog posts, enter into mental health counseling, stop associating with those who supported his hateful intolerance, and engage in conduct that shows genuine contrition. This is a case he cannot win on the merits so he has to try to minimize his exposure to incarceration. It is obvious that he is not listening to lawyers and for that he will pay dearly.