Friday, December 9, 2011

Aaron Worthing: Government Operative?

Questions are swirling around the recent revelations of Aaron Worthing, the recently terminated blogger from, using a fake name to blog for years while at the same time trying to obtain the real names and addresses of extremists or other individuals who would be willing to draw negative pictures of the Prophet Mohammed. Ron Brynaert has an excellent article here asking relevant questions of who Aaron Worthing was, as well as his past associations with other extremists or individuals willing to give their real names to an anonymous individual posing as an Attorney in Washington D.C. or in this case someone from Manassas Virginia which has a very healthy intelligence community.

This leaves open the question of just who Aaron Worthing was and what his agenda or mission was in asking people to draw buffoonish drawings depicting the Prophet Mohammed in disparaging ways? Could Aaron Worthing have been just another in a long line of security agents looking for extremists hiding out on the internet? And if so, what exactly was he doing on for over a year?

It is no secret that Patrick Frey is an Assistant Los Angeles District Attorney and runs the blog And it is no secret that the Los Angeles District Attorney's office investigates extremists or other types of individuals that they think might be a threat to Los Angeles or the nation used to have a site meter on his website whereby Frey could look at the various Internet IP addresses of various people commenting on his blog. However when it was pointed out long ago that Patrick Frey was watching IP's, the site meter disappeared off of But, has it actually been removed, or is it still there, but hidden?

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Apparently it is still active but has been written to be hidden from viewers as noted in the above screenshot. Why was it removed off of the website but kept active yet hidden from viewers or posters on the site?

Other questions are being asked about Worthing and Frey's connection to Seth Allen, a known stalker and extremist who has mental problems, and Worthing's past and continuing legal advice to Seth Allen, especially after Allen sent Worthing, Frey, Mandy Nagy and Andrew Breitbart a threat to murder someone that Frey had been targeting on his blog for over a year in which Worthing, Frey and Breitbart failed to contact anyone in Law Enforcement about. It has been noted in many investigations that investigators will allow certain extremists to continue their plots and plans so they can see how far they will go. In the case of Seth Allen, apparently both Worthing and Frey were more than willing to keep quiet about this threat from a deranged individual from everyone until Mandy Nagy decided to call the police on her own. So this leaves open the question of why these supposed upstanding citizens would be more than willing to keep the murder email quiet and let things progress to a conclusion, which many of them probably knew wouldn't turn out very good for the target?

Was Seth Allen part of an extremist investigation by higher authorities? And if so, is he going to be jailed for evaluation soon?

Are other people who comment or post on being investigated or monitored for their viewpoints that they express on his blog?

Other questions also come to mind here. Is just another in a long line of sting operations by various Law Enforcement entities into the extremist scene?

Why on earth would someone ask others to post extremist cartoons on a blog and attach their real names to it?

Are people that stupid?

Is the Aaron Worthing blog just another side show sting operation to gather intelligence for the various DHS communities? After all, even Wal-Mart is into the game for DHS. So it is not a stretch to imagine security agents being involved in such operations, or even websites being devoted to mining data for extremists and other like minded individuals to find out who they are and what their potential agendas could be now or even in the future.

Could those who post or comment on and the Aaron Worthing blog be targets for prosecution or a knock on the door later if their views are not what government agents think is acceptable? Could government agents be trolling for data on people who post at either blog? Good questions indeed...



  1. This is a very thought provoking article and raises serious questions about both Patterico and Worthing. Are you saying that the LA County District Attorney's Office has had DA Patrick Frey set up his blog and push it to the hard right in order to identify right wing threats? And do you think that DA Frey was actually setting up Seth Allen rather than working with him?

    This is really getting bizarre and I can't understand how Mr. Worthing could ask people to post under their own name while he was posting under a fake name.

  2. "Why on earth would someone ask others to post extremist cartoons on a blog and attach their real names to it?"

    Because this clown is an agent provocatuer. Breitbart, John Patrick Frey, Seth Allen AKA Socrates, James O'Keefe... they are all agent provocatuers. Seth Allen further down on the totem pole is simply a tool to get some of the dirty work done so Breitbart and John Patrick Frey can keep clean. Now that his usefulness to BigBreitbartInc is limited, he is being hung out to dry. The question is ultimately WHAT and WHO are they working for? Or is this just a bunch of assholes having fun. Time will tell.

  3. "Are you saying that the LA County District Attorney's Office has had DA Patrick Frey set up his blog and push it to the hard right in order to identify right wing threats?"

    They are not trying to identify right wing threats so they can go after them. They are drawing them in, identifying them and then CO-OPTING hardcore rightwingers for their own purposes while keeping plausible deniability. Kind of like the recent news of German security looking the other way while rightwingers killed Turks and Greeks and other foreigners. It served their purposes. They co-opted it and then turned a blind eye to these Agent Provocateurs. I imagine this is the same game that Andrew Breitbart, John Patrick Frey, James O'Keefe and the rest of their merry mob of Democrat blackmailers and threatmakers are playing.